Workspaces for your slack team

Run better meetings, in person and remote.

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Get your team on the same page

  • Get a shared workspace for meetings, with agenda, pinned content, collaborative notes, and complete history
  • Help everybody to easily prep
  • Let everybody contribute live on meeting notes

Don’t let your meetings go to waste

  • When the meeting is done, we summarize everything that happened and share it with the relevant Slack channel.
  • Full transparency and decision history for everybody in the team.

Pick up from where you left off

  • Next time you have a related meeting, you can pick up from where you left off by going to the same workspace.
  • All of your pinned content, agendas and previous meeting notes are easily accessible.
No more pointless meetings without a goal
No more “What file are we looking at?”
No more “Where’s the notes from our last meeting?”
No more looking through Slack history trying to find that one thing
No more uncertainty about what was actually decided
No more sitting in on meetings just to stay informed